Get involved

Do you want to improve the lives of thousands of children with hearing loss? As the third poorest state in the country, with 570 municipalities, Oaxaca has a high rate of people with hearing loss.

At CORAL, we believe that every person with a hearing loss deserves to live life to the fullest. With your donation, we can support it. There are different ways to get involved with CORAL and donate.

Donate for the program Ayúdale a Escuchar (Help to Hear)

In Ayúdale a Escuchar, you can support a family with a child with hearing loss that does not have the financial resources. Some examples of donations:

  • Between $ 50 and $ 500 pesos you pay for screening tests.
  • Between $ 800 and $ 2,400 pesos, you finance the language therapy of a child once a week for 1 to 3 months.
  • With $ 3,800 pesos, you pay for a basic hearing aid for a child

How to donate

100% secure donation online through Paypal.

Deposits at the bank

Account number: 167849087
Bank code 0590

Interbank transfer

CLABE Account Code: 012 610 001 86943268 1.
ABA Code: 121000358.


If you want to join our fundraising campaign with Globalgiving, click here to contribute and feel the power of a collective support.

Social service and volunteering

Volunteers are the spirit of CORAL. If you want to collaborate either as a volunteer or doing your social service in CORAL, you can do it according to your skills and availability for periods from a week to a year or even longer. We are particularly interested in volunteers for the following areas:

  • Audiology: specialists in audiology and / or assistive hearing aids technology.
  • Education: therapists in speech, language, art and music, professionals in special education and psychology.
  • Design and video: professionals specialized in computer science, design, video among others.
  • Other: specialists in creating image and information databases

Contact us to know how to contribute to our project.