Partners and Sponsors

Swiss corporate foundation of the Sonova Group that since 2014 supports CORAL financially and with hearing solutions, audiological care and communications training.

German organization that promotes volunteering work since 2011 and from which we receive volunteers for a period of one year at a time.

U.S. nonprofit organization that has supported CORAL financilly in strategic planning since its birth until 2018. A permanent and vital ally.

Non-profit organization from Canada that provides funding support in speech therapy since 2017.

Mexican foundation founded by Mexican tenor Ramón Vargas who has supported CORAL since 2012, with which we are part of a national network of Mexican organizations that work with disability programs for social inclusion.

US foundation founded by the writer Isabel Allende from which financial support has been received since 2011.

US Foundation from whom financial support has been received for the program of prevention and detection of hearing loss and promotion of self-help groups.