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We carry out clinical and therapeutic treatment for people of all ages with hearing loss in Oaxaca

Conoce a CORAL

Realizamos tratamiento clínico y terapéutico de personas de todas las edades con pérdida auditiva en Oaxaca


We seek a world without barriers, a place where hearing loss is not an impediment for people to develop their full potential and to incorporate into the social, educational and emotional life to which all human beings are entitled to.


Hear the World Visit to CORAL

From October 14 to 18, a team of five Hear the World volunteers visited CORAL in Oaxaca. Hear the World is a foundation of the Sonova group that supports people with hearing loss worldwide. Since 2014 CORAL partners with Hear the World.

Programs and Services

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Read in our programs and services how we work so that people with hearing loss are able to develop their full potential.