Community Service

Self-help groups
Self-help groups are the main element of the community organization to design and implement strategies to raise awareness for hearing impairment and families living with this disability. Self-help groups also help people with this condition to look for care options in their community, better methods of education in their schools, greater monitoring by regional or community health centers as well as better participation and awareness of community authorities.

The management of these groups is important because they can expand their impact on the community and authorities, making their work more powerful so that schools, health centers, work centers and other families improve their ways to interact with children, the youth and adults who have hearing loss. 

Training for audiological technicians

From the self-help groups and other interested people in the community (teachers, nurses, etc.) there are people who start a training process granted by CORAL who are trained as Community Audiological Technicians. These technicians are prepared to hold preventive talks and hearing screening tests for children, teensand adults.

The program aims to have a network of self-help groups at the state level strengthened and with the ability to influence the improvement of the life quality of people with hearing disabilities and in public policies that are oriented towards respecting their rights.