Support a child

Do you want to improve the lives of thousands of children with hearing loss? As the third poorest state in the country, with 570 municipalities, Oaxaca has a high rate of people with hearing loss.

At CORAL, we believe that every person with a hearing loss deserves to live life to the fullest. With your donation, we can support it. There are different ways to get involved with CORAL and donate.

Do you want to adopt a child, paying for language therapy annually?

For a child to develop speech and language, he/she needs permanent language therapy of at least one session per week. However many low-income families in Oaxaca cannot afford this therapy.

When you adopt a child, you are continuously financing his/her therapy and can accompany his/her learning process.

CORAL will inform you frequently about the child’s progress in their communication skills. Together, we will be able to celebrate the child’s achievements and inclusion into society.

Fill out this form and we will contact you to give you detailed information about our adoption program.